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Driver Restrictions

Every driver must be at least 23 years of age and in possession of a valid driver's license, which is a minimum of 2 years old. For driver's licenses which are not printed in latin oder greek an additional international driver's license is required.


A cash oder credit card advance payment must be made for the full duration of the anticipated rental period as well as a deposit of 300€ for the vehicle classes A, B, C,  500€ for classes D, E and 1000,- Euro for all other classes. 
A deposit is not necessary for bookings with comprehensive insurance coverage (without deductible) or for the free kilometers included in the rental package.
Alpha Hellas only accepts VISA and Master Card.

Cancellation Grace Periods

There is no charge for cancellations up to 24 hours prior to the pick-up date. 

Insurance and Other Policies

The following coverage is included:
- Third party personal and property
There is no extra charge for this coverage and it is included with all rentals. The coverage is up to for 1,200,000€ personal liability and 1,200,000€ for property damage.
- The leaser and/or driver is liable for all vehicle damage or loss of the vehicle during the rental period unless it is possible for Alpha Hellas to recover all the repair costs or the lost vehicle from a responsible third party. In most cases this liability may be partly or entirely waived with the payment of a fixed amount per rental day or if it is included in the regular rental price as part of a special booking offer (comprehensive coverage with or without a personal deductible policy).
- Interior is not covered by any insurance policy.

Vehicle Fuel & Maintenance

- A reservation guarantees the the vehicle class, but not a particular model.
- Fuel is not included in the rental price. All vehicles are delivered with a full tank and on return any difference must be compensated.
- Normal maintenance such as oil and lubrication are included in the rental price.
Operational and safety repairs, which become necessary during the rental period and have been previously authorized by Alpha Hellas will be refunded with the submission of the original repair invoice.

Travel & Vehicle Return Restrictions

With the rented vehicle you may not cross the Greek border.
Transporting the vehicle on a ferry boat to access the Greek islands is only permitted after consulting Alpha Hellas.
The vehicle must be returned at the place arranged during the rental pick-up (hotel, airport etc.) and must be verified by an Alpha Hellas employee. Any change in the place or time of the vehicle return must be previously arranged by telephone with Alpha Hellas. 
Until the return of the vehicle the leaser/driver is exclusively liable for any costs incurred through parking or traffic violations.


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