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The present conditions for renting a vehicle from the company ALPHA HELLAS come into effect immediately and are considered agreed after the confirmation of the reservation you will receive from the company. They are an integral part of the lease agreement that will be signed at the start of the lease. For this reason, please read the following conditions carefully before reserving the vehicle


The driver of the rented vehicle can be any person who has reached the age of 23 and has held a valid European, Greek or international driver's license for at least 2 years. Only the drivers mentioned in the rental contract have the right to drive.
The maximum age is 72 years, which can be extended to 80 years with additional insurance.

Pickup of the vehicle

To pick up the vehicle, the driver must have with him:

  1. Valid driver's license.
  2. Passport or valid ID.

Upon receipt of the vehicle, the rental contract will be handed over to the driver, which after first reading and checking, he must sign.

The above rental contract will record the internal and external condition of the vehicle, the amount of fuel and all the benefits, extra equipment and insurance services provided.

Delivery of the vehicle

The rented vehicle is checked upon delivery by the driver and an authorized partner of the ALPHA HELLAS company for any damages. The driver is obliged to deliver the rented vehicle to the agreed place, on the agreed day and time. In case of a delay in returning the vehicle of more than 2 hours from the agreed delivery time, the company has the right to charge, depending on the category of the vehicle, an additional rental day.


Payment for the lease of the vehicle is made at the start of the lease and the full amount of the lease is paid. This amount does not include the following:

  1. A) fuel costs, including the value of missing fuel and the cost of replenishment, according to the Lessor's official tariff in force at the time of the rental.
  2. B) Fines for violations of the C.O.K. or any other applicable provision or administrative penalties.
  3. C) Additional kilometers of use, beyond the total number included in the lease and indicated in the relevant point on the front page hereof.
  4. D) Fees and taxes of any nature imposed in connection therewith.

For each additional kilometer beyond the total number included in the lease and indicated in the lease contract (KLM ALLOWANCE), the Lessee is obliged to pay the Lessor the amount per kilometer indicated in the relevant section of the lessor's official price list. The final total calculation of the above extra mileage compensation will be made at the end of the lease term and the delivery of the vehicle to the Lessor, in which case the entire resulting amount is immediately payable by the Lessee.

If the lessee has chosen to charge his credit card as a method of payment, then he agrees and gives the order and power of attorney to the Lessor to charge the credit card with the due amount of the rent. The Lessee agrees and accepts the charge of the above credit card for the payment of the administrative fines imposed on the driver of the vehicle and the car during the rental period as well as for the payment of damages found on the rented car.


Upon receipt of the vehicle, the amount of:

  1. €500.00 for vehicle categories B, C, CD
  2. €700.00 for vehicle categories D, D1, DS and
  3. €1000.00 for vehicle categories E,E1,ES,L,K,K1,G,F

The amount of the guarantee can be paid by credit or debit card (visa or master card) and is returned or released interest-free after the end of the lease and the delivery of the vehicle, after it has been checked for any damages and on the condition that these terms and conditions are properly observed and the terms of the lease agreement.


Up to 24 hours before receiving the vehicle you can cancel the reservation without charge. Reservation cancellations within 24 hours before vehicle pick-up are charged with an amount equal to the rental value for the entire period for the vehicle for which the reservation was made.


All ALPHA HELLAS company vehicles are insured by a private insurance company. This insurance includes:

  1. A) Civil liability for bodily injuries to third parties (with the exception of drivers listed in the rental contract) up to the amount of €1,220,000.00.
  2. B) Civil liability for material damage to third parties (with the exception of the lessor company's vehicles), per accident up to the amount of €1,220,000.00

The Hirer and authorized drivers are fully responsible and must fully compensate for any damage not covered by the relevant insurance policies, unless they accept the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) at the time of booking or at the start of the rental '') of the Car, or the term for Full Damage Waiver (FDW) of the Car, according to the company's current price list.

Damage to the interior of the car is not covered by any insurance.

In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, the lessee is obliged, regardless of his fault, to immediately inform the company, as well as the competent police authority, as well as the accident care service of the insurance company, in which the vehicle is insured, in order to record the incident. If the hirer or the driver does not comply with the above notification obligations and the incident is not recorded, he is fully responsible for the entirety of any damage.

The luggage and other belongings of the lessee, the driver, and the other passengers of the vehicle are not covered by insurance and the company bears no responsibility for any loss or damage thereof.

Insurance companies do not cover damage to the vehicle caused to it while the driver was under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants, in violation of the Highway Traffic Code, or if the vehicle was driven by a person who is not listed as the driver on the rental contract , as well as in the event that a record of the incident is not provided by the traffic police and the accident care service of the insurance company where Alpha Hellas' vehicles are insured. In these cases, the lessee or the driver are jointly and severally liable for the entirety of any damage.


A vehicle reservation ensures the vehicle category and not a specific model. The vehicle has passed the predetermined technical inspection. If the vehicle breaks down during the rental period, the lessee or driver can take the vehicle, upon approval of the company, to an authorized workshop to be checked. The inspection costs are borne by the company with the presentation of the original invoices, if it is proven that damage is not due to the fault of the lessee or driver.

Free Benefits

  1. The second driver is not charged, provided that his full details are stated in the rental contract.
  2. Unlimited kilometers (for renting the vehicle for more than 4 days)
  3. No charge for airport pick-up and delivery.
  4. No charge for overnight delivery.
  5. No charge for a child seat.
  6. Snow chains are available free of charge.


Fuel is not included in the rental price. The lessee or driver must return the car with the same amount of fuel that he received. If the car is returned with less fuel than what was received, the lessee or driver is charged for the fuel difference. If the vehicle is returned with more fuel than received, the difference is not refunded.


The fines imposed during the rental period by the competent authorities due to the violation of the Road Traffic Code by the driver are borne by the lessee or the driver.

Online booking process

Every reservation made through the company's website is valid only when confirmed by e-mail from the company. Possible requests to change an already confirmed reservation must be made by email only. Any changes are valid only if confirmed by the company. Cancellation of an already confirmed booking can only be done via email.

All reservations made through the company's website are governed by the same rental terms that govern all reservations, as they are expressly stated here. The company uses the personal data registered by the users of the website, exclusively for the management of their reservations and their service. For more information regarding the protection of personal data, please read the company's privacy policy.


  1. It is forbidden for the vehicle to leave the Greek Territory during the lease.
  2. The transport of the vehicle by ship is only permitted with the written consent of the company and should be declared upon receipt of the vehicle. The company does not cover any damage caused to the rented vehicle during its transport by ship.
  3. It is forbidden during the rental period for the vehicle to be driven by people who are not listed in the contract as drivers.
  4. It is forbidden to drive the vehicle during the rental by a person who does not have a valid driver's license with him.
  5. The use of the vehicle for criminal or civil offenses is prohibited.
  6. The use of the vehicle by persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited during the rental period.
  7. It is prohibited to use the vehicle during the rental period as an instructor for learning to drive for third parties.
  8. It is forbidden to use the vehicle during the rental period to participate in road races.
  9. Any use of the rented vehicle that is contrary to its normal and agreed use is prohibited.
  10. The vehicle must be returned to the point agreed upon between the lessee or driver and ALPHA HELLAS and only to a partner of the company.

The violation of the above restrictions and prohibitions by the lessee or driver renders the lease contract invalid and the lessee or driver is obliged on the one hand to return the vehicle immediately to the company, on the other hand to pay the agreed rental amount in full. In this case, the company does not return the already paid rental amount.


The Courts of Thessaloniki are responsible for resolving any dispute arising from the interpretation of the above terms or from the application of the vehicle rental terms agreed between the company ALPHA HELLAS and the lessee or driver.


If you have any further questions, please contact us by phone or email. Here you will find our contact details and a contact form.

We look forward to you!!

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