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Car return
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Car return

at the airport

At the time agreed upon at the time of delivery, one of our employees will be waiting for you at the departure airport. Our employee comes to you. If the car is properly fueled (as assumed) and there were no damages during the rental period, all you need to do is give the key. If you were unable to refuel, you can also pay for the missing gasoline at the employee's place on return.

If you arrive earlier than agreed then please call us in time and give us the new time. This avoids any waiting time. Even if you should come later it is advantageous to call us in time.

at the hotel

When you arrive at the hotel, you can leave the key at the reception and inform us or let the receptionist know that the car is ready to be picked up at the hotel.

in the city office

In the city office, you can only hand over the rental car after a telephone consultation.

if something changes at the time or at the place of return, you have to inform us in time by e-mail or telephone.

Call +30 2310 365460.

More information can be found here.

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